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    Server is still W.I.P

    What is a staff member?
    A staff member is someone who devotes their time to the server. They make sure everything runs smoothly and handle player issues such as theft or griefing. You will be the official representatives of the server and will act accordingly. Staff ranks should be viewed as a job. You will be forfeiting build time and free time to have fun maintaining the positivity within the community.

    What benefits will I earn through the staff ranks?
    Absolutely none. Members should not be applying for staff for the sole purpose of extra benefits or features. Abusing any commands granted with your rank will result in a demotion and could escalate to further disciplinary actions.

    What rules do I have to follow as a staff member?
    All staff must follow the listed server rules as any other player would. No exceptions are given.

    How can I apply for Staff?
    To apply for staff, meet the requirements listed below.
    Once you have that apply below or head over to our Discord

    Suggestions before applying.
    • Be mature, act mature.
    • Do not nag about your application.
    • Fill out your application correctly, honestly, and with details.
    • Multi-managing servers are not good.
    • Being staff on Cryptic OutréPvP is a job, why not do something you love?.
    • Don't expect payments unless we grow bigger.
    • Be active!


    - What is your in-game name? (We've got to know who you are )

    - How old are you?

    - Do you have a microphone, and are you willing to use it in discord voice chats?

    - Where are you from, and what time zone is it in?

    - Why do you think becoming a staff member would be good for you? How would it benefit you, and how wouldn't it?

    - If hired, What amount of time can you dedicate to the server?

    - Do you have past experience in server staffing and moderation? If so, please give dates, server names, positions held and length of time they were held.

    - What do you strive for in being a staff member? Is it the perks, the rank, or whatever else you could possibly think of?

    - What experience do you have with KitPvP servers?

    - Please rate on a scale from 1-10 your knowledge of professionalism?

    - Is an Admins Decision always right ??


    - Discord username and # ??

    - Finally, is there anything that you would like to say to the staff team to enhance our decision?

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