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    Hi there ! 
    I tried playin' with Vic's Modern Warfare mod (links below) on the version of 1.12.2 forge. At first it crashes so i figured out that i needed optifine with it. But there's still a poblem. Now all the textures are bugged (exept armors), even in the inventory. It only apears with optifine on. There is the screens below. 
    I tried :
    Oldest versions of MW (same prblm)
    Oldest versions of forge (dont support other mods i want)

    Without optifine (crashes)
    Only with MW and optifine (same prblm)

    Screenshots :
    The first one is when i hole the "gun" in first person
    The second is what should be the gun section of the creative inventory

    And the lats should be the ammos creative inventory


    I have no issues pls help ??


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