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    posted a message on MC Masters #1 - Hunger Games Tournament (1.8.9) - WARNING Scuffed lol

    Good news MC Masters is currently in the works and already has 3 teams and 1 person solo on the 4rth team so i'm looking forward on expanding the teams abit it'll just be hunger games but in the future there might be more minigames the event will also be a scuffed since it's been awhile since i've done something like this and it'll be nice to meet new people :D

    There's currently 5 teams in total so that means 3 spots are available for the first event but there will def be more teams in the future we like to take things slow. and anyone is allowed to join the discord and we will welcome you :D

    So if you are interested join the official discord!

    if the discord server link does not work DM me saying "i'm from the MC Masters post" so ik that you arent some random bot tryna friend me!

    The event currently has no date as of now but soon to be revealed in "Siebbe Direct 2023"

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    posted a message on Scuffed Minecraft Tournament | Hunger Games Tournament

    Hello! i'm creating this Minecraft Hunger Games tournament and maybe more minigames in the future it'll be sorta scuffed since i'm the only guy working on the whole thing alongside my beta testers and therefore i made a decision to make this sort of a scuffed tournament aswell, it'll be hosted on Aternos aswell



    if you are down to join you must join the discord server!




    MC Masters Hunger Games Tournament!

    Created by Siebbee

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    posted a message on Pixelmon SMP (1.16.5) - Pokémon

    Hello! i'm working on this Pokémon SMP where we will host

    Legendary Quests

    Regional Championships

    World Championships

    & even more!

    this is a mod called "Pixelmon Reforged" but we will have a discord server where all information can be found so make sure to join it!

    Discord Link: discord.gg/D7y7trd58K

    Note: This server will be a aternos server just like my Siebcrew SMP

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    posted a message on Siebcrew SMP - Season 8: The Final Chapter!

    Hello i'm siebbe and today i'm creating a Minecraft SMP called "Siebcrew SMP The Final Chapter" it is the final smp i'm creating since i've done 8 of these so if you are interested on participating in this SMP make sure to join the official discord!




    if the link is invalid message me on discord




    i will sometimes not accept friend requests due to bots so make sure to write a message that you are from the forums!

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    posted a message on Looking for Background Actors for my upcomming MC Movie!

    Hey everyone i'm currently heading towards a really good direction with this project and have managed to get myself a cast i'm still in a need of a few background characters for the movie for funny/important/random scenes!

    if you are interested feel free to join this discord - https://discord.gg/GuqNxje or DM Me "Siebbe#2700"

    Here's a trailer of the movie!

    Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qs1CgzO3V1k&t=4s

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    posted a message on Looking for Actors / Voice Actors for my upcomming Minecraft Youtube Movie!

    Hello Everyone! a New Minecraft Movie is in the works once again and fully going to be redone! as for now we still have yet to make a map for it and still writing the overall plot & story! this movie is expected to be followed up by 2 Sequels as for now im still very busy working on this so no videos besides news & trailers that you can still expect to drop out later this year! oh and a birthday video next month in october! This Project is 100% Comming out in 2023 since its most likely going to be 1hr and 25m long and there & maybe even more characters too come im not so sure all


    im also still looking for loads more Actors/Voice Actors so if you are interested there & is plenty of room for you to be welcomed in just DM me :D


    Discord Server Link: https://discord.gg/GuqNxje


    Add My Discord! - Siebbe#2700

    Make Sure To Follow My Twitter & Youtube for Updates & Trailers!

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    posted a message on FNAF UNIVERSE THE SERIES: Builders & Cast! (Discord Open)

    Hi Everyone Siebbe Here! Today with another FNAF UNIVERSE Post. today i've revamped the entirety of FNAF UNIVERSE and it's future

    FNAF UNIVERSE 1 & 2 Did Really well to made me start working on 3, the Third installment had so much more than the other 2 and unfortunately lost every date of it.

    so i cancelled it for now and decided to work on something bigger!

    a Youtube Series where Freddy,Bonnie & The Marionette Return as the Animotronics with a few original characters! we are of course creating a map for the series

    and will soon be released on PMC once the full season of FNAF UNIVERSE has aired on my Youtube Channel. talking about my channel make sure to subscribe to it! it supports me alot and motivates me more and could make the future of this series even better!

    if you are interested on the Maps & Series make sure to join the official discord where Updates & News will be found! and who knows you can participate in The Series as an Actual Character! since there will soon to be applications for builders/cast & much more!

    The Discord Link:


    The Youtube Link:


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    posted a message on Pixelmon Server 8.4.2 Server (1.12.2)

    Hello Everyone i'm basically working on a Fun Little Pixelmon Server basically for fun it isnt gonna be something serious but we do planning on hosting


    Events/Championships and many more things! there will even be the WCS from the anime in it wich is exciting but yeah most info is in it's discord server


    for people what don't what pixelmon is it's basically a Minecraft Pokémon Mod!


    if you have any questions join here!




    my discord: Siebbe#2700

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    posted a message on Minecraft Hunger Games Tournament (Player Recruitment)

    Hello Everyone i'm hosting a Hunger Games Tournament on Aternos with my friends and we are looking for a few more people to join the event

    The Game Version is 1.8.9

    if you are interested fill in this application https://docs.google.com/forms/d/11hBIw60OoZLpT7RY1x0aI2AB904ZhF8smHx35E8-HP0/

    and make sure to join the discord aswell https://discord.gg/CJW9btu8B4

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    posted a message on Siebcrew SMP - Season 7 (1.18.2) [LOW BUDGET]

    Hello everyone i'm here to say that i will be creating a Minecraft 1.18.2 SMP Server however it is still in the works and it's currently in a very early phase

    i will be selecting people to join my SMP however not everyone will be able to get in it is more of a private SMP server but i will let probably

    5 New Players Enter but in the future i may or not create another forum to recruit more!

    if you are interested make sure to get the requirements


    °Minecraft Java Edition

    Discord is where i'll accept players and mainly where we communicate.

    if you are interested join the official discord server https://discord.gg/KTRDnPMQ5Z

    My Discord (may not accept due to alot of bot friend requests)

    This is also the 7th SMP i have created

    started long ago near 2019 or whenever 1.13 came out.

    Siebcrew SMP - Season 7 will also be streamed and recorded on youtube

    if you have never seen any siebcrew streams i recommend you should to have a taste on what season 7 will be like but more info will be giving in discord.


    CET - Central Europe Timezone.

    (i'm from belgium)


    13-19, these are the ages mostly of my friend group and myself, i am actually 16 myself turning 17 really soon and perfect to fit in!


    i hope you make alot of new friends and get along with everyone :D

    Siebcrew SMP - Season 7


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