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    posted a message on Welcome to PacificPvP, a brand new custom KitPvP experience

    Welcome to my server, PacificPvP. On PacificPvP, we have a load of features that other KitPvP servers do not have. Therefore, PacificPvP is good for casuals, more advanced players, and even noobs.

    Welcome to PacificPvP! A brand new custom KitPvP experience! 
    PacificPvP offers:
    Rankup on kills!
    New kits each rank!
    A good map!
    Low lag!
    And much more!
    If you ever played on BeefPvP, this is it!

    Join today on mc.pacificpvp.net!

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    posted a message on How do I fix this?

    Hi. I need help with something. 


    That is an error I need help with.
    I need help with:

    • What version it is
    • What specifically is generating the error
    • How I would resolve the error

    I also need explanations of the answers. Thank you!

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