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    posted a message on Mystic Mesa PLEASE HELP


    So I clicked on the how to report an error link it said page not found. And when I looked at where people post their issues I saw almost no one ever gets responded to. I’ve tried messaged Stacy on YouTube and Facebook, I’ve messaged the snow whatever guy and so far no help given. 


    I downloaded this modpack directly from twitch and did everything right, I got the most current version of it and everything. But when I go in to play it it’s missing a ton of the mods that it says it has when you click the mods tab on twitch, the mods are also present when I click the mods after launching it. But when I go into a single world it’s missing a ton of the mods. And some of the mods aren’t updated like the Stacywolves mod is missing 10+ wolves. To add to it the textures only work on some things like my hearts and chest but not the tools or bed or etc. please help I’ve been messaging all over the place to get help


    I really want to play this modpack but the help support for it is the absolute worst. I’ve never seen such little help for issues 


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