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    Quote from SuntannedDuck2 >>
     I see! Good to know it wasn't just me. I did actually see that the Twitch loader removed the Forge version the day after I made this post, so I assumed that it wasn't yet ready, because I was able to make a profile using that Forge version before and suddenly the spot where it was was blank.

    I suppose we'll just wait until Forge is ready for 1.13.2. My group is happy with vanilla for now, so we'll stick with that until then. I would downgrade the version to 1.12.2 but some of the 1.13.2 features are what they're playing with right now and I don't want to take those away for some small mods. They've said they can wait so we will. C:

    Thank you very much and I'll keep an eye on that thread you linked for the future!
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    UPDATE: if a developer or someone who is familiar with this is able to help me I'd be willing to pay for your time. Add me on discord: Sin#1202 and we can set something up. 

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    My friends and I started a server, version 1.13.2, and I decided to get a couple small mods for them into a modpack, they're currently playing vanilla but want to ease into the modding scene slowly (most of them haven't played since alpha days). I was unfortunately delegated the person to figure out how to add mods (we have a hosted server on mcprohosting.com) and I decided a modpack would be the simplest approach to it as I've played on plenty of modpack servers before, but it's kind of kicking my butt. :C

    I followed this guide, created a custom profile and used the latest version of forge when I did so (25.0.44). I got the mods we wanted (only the ones that said compatible with 1.13.2) and did my best to get their various requirements (I assumed that if I failed to get the requirements for one mod it just wouldn't load that specific mod?)

    Mod List:
    Global XP
    GraveStone Mod
    Useful Backpacks

    Rift (had a problem with this one as they said to use the Chocohead branch of Rift for 1.13.2 but I didn't know where to find the actual files I needed in the SVN they linked, I had to make my best guess and I probably didn't do it right, not even sure I put the files in the right folder)
    Rift Mod List (not required but figured it'd be useful for me to see what is and isn't loading)
    U Team Core
    Hammer (Lib) Core

    So after all was said and done, added the mods I wanted to the pack as the guide explained, I hit Play to test out the pack and make sure it all worked. Minecraft loaded, no errors, but in vanilla mode, no mods at all loaded. I thought at the very least GraveStone would load as it doesn't seem to have any prerequisites so I wonder if the problem lies elsewhere. Other modpacks I have installed run perfectly fine through Twitch as well, load up all their mods. I just feel like something's missing from my modpack's folder maybe? (If I'm even looking at the right folder... ><;;;; )

    I looked up several forum posts about it, dug through Google (almost all posts about this are probably a good 4-5 years old now) but I have no idea what they're saying in their suggestions for fixes or where to find those files.

    My modpack isn't even exported into a jar file yet, I just want to get it working first. And most of those posters never edited their posts to say how they eventually fixed their problems, if they even did.

    I don't even know where to start with this as my modding experience used to lie in simply installing individual mods in the beta days of the game and more recently using the Twitch launcher to load already-created modpacks, so if you could explain things to me like a complete noob (cuz I basically am) I would love you.

    I want to get this working for my friends and eventually expand it to include all the bigger things, or we'll just go straight to FTB when they get bored with all these vanilla extensions. This is enough of a nightmare that I want to stick with premade packs in the future, I've been at this for days and this is me giving up and adding to the pile of threads regarding this issue, so I apologize ._.;

    I've uploaded two screenshots of the instance folder and the mods folder inside that. I'm not sure if that's of any use so if I need to add something else I will.

    Anyways, thanks in advance for your time (and reading this encyclopedia of a post), any help is greatly appreciated!

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