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    - More quests

    - New head shops, added more letters and colors!

    - Improved ChatReaction and TownyChat

    - Fixed Discord server-chat not properly connecting to the minecraft server

    - Several staff promotions


    Thanks for playing! I'll see you on DivineTowny!



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    Welcome to Divine Towny!


    NEW 1.15.2 - Towny - Quests - McMMO - Jobs - Free Ranks - Crates - Backpacks

    IP: play.divinetowny.com
     Discord: https://discord.gg/trXGypm
     Store: http://store.divinetowny.com/


    - DivineTowny strives to become a community filled friendly players and happy grinding. Featuring 21 ranks purchasable through in-game money, longevity and scaling were kept in mind throughout development. Enjoy a seamless experience with custom plugins, messages, and more. Whether you want to climb the leaderboards, build a sprawling town, or make new friends - DivineTowny is the place for you! We hope you enjoy your stay!


    - Ranks: Level up through 21 ranks and earn perks
    - Quests: Complete tasks for Quest crate rewards
    - Backpacks: Store your items in a backpack, saved on death!
    - Towny: Team up and build sprawling towns
    - McMMO/Jobs: Conquer the leaderboards
    - ShopGUI: Buy and sell items in a GUI
    - Crates: Win epic gear, earn keys with Quests, Lottery, and ChatReaction!

    ..and more!


    - Main: 25k x 25k
    - Nether: 7.5k x 7.5k
    - End: 20k x 20k
    - Resource: 6k x 6k


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