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    Since few days, everytime i'm trying to launch a modpack (any of them, even new ones) with minecraft, i'm getting, after the world loading, an error message: "Errors in currently selected datapacks prevented the world from loading", and ask if i want to try "safe mode" (doesn't do anything when i click on that option) or returning to the menu (the image attached to this thread is the screenshot of this).


    I'm using Forge 41.1.0 and Minecraft 1.19, and yes, all mods are up to date, and were running fine before.


    below is a mod list and the log, hosted on textbin.net:




    Looks like there is a texture problem for several mods, but i also had a different log earlier for some reasons:






    Do anyone have any clue about what the heck is going on ?


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