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    So I need some major help. I've been trying to get mods to work on my Minecraft for around 3 hours now. But it appears my first time trying, being stubborn and not looking up tutorials, has completely ruined it so far so I cannot actually fix anything!

    I installed CurseForge and clicked on Minecraft. So now it thinks that yes, its connected to my Minecraft. 

    But now, I need to remove this to fix things. ((from what I think)) and I cannot remove this mess up. ((yes I have tried completely uninstalling and reinstalling and it didn't work)). And I think from this mess up, now when I open the Minecraft Launcher it won't have Forge thing on the play thing. 

    So no matter how hard I try, any mods I try my best to install, never actually work. Also when I do put the one mod that I want to install in the "mod" folder I made, then connected the stupid Forge Minecraft to that folder. It still won't show up that I have any mods installed.


    Please help, I've been trying for like 2-3 hours and I've gotten super frustrated by this point. Also when you do tell me how to fix this issue, please provide at least a few pictures. I don't think I'll be able to figure this complicated mess out through just a block of text. ((also yes, this is my first time installing a mod,,, if you couldn't tell.))

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