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    Follow any path you wish. From becoming a renowned Thaumaturge, to the greatest farmer of the land. Create the largest solar farm, or create the most powerful nuclear reactor around. The choice is totally yours! This server has a healthy mix of the most popular tech mods like Thermal Expansion and MineFactory Reloaded, as well as some useful magic mods such as Blood Magic and Thaumcraft. The possibilities are endless. Compete to become the master of all trades!


    The main goal of the server is to promote a community of players that enjoy progressing through various mods in a grief-free environment. This is a chance to start a brand new world that has the potential to be what most players want in a modded server. With that said, suggestions are always encouraged.


    Right now we are recruiting staff, builders, testers, etc., to help with launching this brand new server. Simply download the pack  to join in.

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