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    posted a message on Spoke to Mod authors, they believe it's issues in Curseforge

    Hey all!


    Two pressing errors that is happening to the server I'm hosting for my friends and I.


    1) Whenever a player logs into the game, they cannot do anything unless killed first. We've been remedying this by adding Ops and just doing /kill to start everything, but would rather not if possible. The mods (Better minecraft) said they haven't seen this and therefore cannot help. 


    2) I personally cannot ride minecarts, horses, boats, etc. The other players on my server have no problems at all, and when I right click the aforementioned, it shows THEM that I'm in said entity, but on my screen I'm still several feet away and can walk freely. Once I hit shift, it teleports me back to the entity and I dismount from it. Again, the mods have never seen this and believe it's an issue with Curseforge.


    My computer is extremely powerful and doesn't have any problems running anything, so I know it's not a performance flaw.


    Please let me know if you have any solutions to the above - thanks so much!!

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