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    posted a message on Minecraft crashing every time I try to open a Forge modpack

    So I was wanting to play a forge modpack that I just downloaded and it opened up the Minecraft launcher ok but after clicking play the launcher closed as if opening the game then immediately reopened and said it crashed. I tried again same result. This is weird cause my FTB modpack (from the FTB launcher) was working fine. Tried an old 1.12 modpack (peace of mind) andd that one did launch the game but it was on the loading mojang screen and crashed. Tried making some custom modpacks with just create and JEI in it and that would crash. I tried create astral since that is Fabric based and that one launched perfect. I deleted the install folder, and restarted curse forge, reinstalled Minecraft and the same problem. Tried again, but also restarted computer, same issue. Not sure what else to do. I'm playing on windows 10. Anyone have any suggestions to fix?

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