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    I’ve been searching around for hours, but I can’t find an answer to this. I use several mods that I downloaded for a specific feature they each have, but alongside those features each mod includes a common block. I’m using these mods: Create, Extended Caves, and quark and they all include a limestone block and a few variants of it (stairs, slabs, bricks, etc). I would like to remove the block from at least one of them—haven’t decided which one yet—but I don’t want to just remove the recipes for the block variants, I want to remove everything; block generation, recipes, textures, anything that is associated with the limestone block from the mod I decide on. Is there ANY way to do this? I feel like world gen is “bloated” having 3 different variations of limestone.


    I thought about just deleting the texture files and block models for the blocks in the mod .jar file, but idk if that would create any conflicts within the mod or cause it to crash. 


    I’m on Minecraft 1.14.4 using Forge v28.1.104 if that matters at all. 

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