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    Hello all, 


    Myself and a few others, are looking to build a enjoyable minecraft community. We are hoping to build a fun and creative environment for our server.
    Our server uses the SnowMntGaming modpack, we do not use plugins but we do give access to all items and /home type commands. We are brand new and looking for fresh and creative members! We are very active, And are looking for the same in our members. We do require a high amount of trust with absolutely no banned items or control on what you can do. You have to be a respectable player, and consider the server with everything you do. Lag machines and over complicated reasoning to why you need something that is causing problems for the rest of the players is unacceptable. We are excited to allow anyone the chance to join the server! 

    A little detail on me :D
    Location: FL/USA

    How long I've been place Minecraft: Since 1.2.5, Around the time mods started getting known.

    Am I a good builder....- Sometimes xD

    I am the owner of SnowMountainGaming, And creator of the modpack. I try to keep everything organized and clean. I can answer just about anything that has to do with the pack/server! I am super OCD and am very picky about how things look, so sorry if I complain about have chopped trees and random holes.

    To apply, Answer the following and leave your discord name! :D
    How long have you been playing mc- 
    What's your best mc attribute (Esc- Builder,Miner,Farmer) - 
    What's something interesting about you? 

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    Look through your notifications and see if it states any problems like "Description isn't clear enough." My Modpack had the problem when I first uploaded it. I received very quick feed back and have updated my pack which was also approved in less than 5 or so minutes. I would just make sure there isn't any out standing issues they want you to fix before approval.

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    I had this problem yesterday, trying to update my pack. All I did was try three or four times and it worked for me. It was the first time this problem has occurred for me as well.

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