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    ShadowCraft was established in 2011 / 2012 by Dr_Freeman634

    ShadowCraft is a community survival server with many features such as: Creative Plots, Minigames, PvP Worlds and more.
    We strive to keep the server modern, yet minimal by using only the needed plugins. The server does not have a store, as we do not believe in Pay to Win monetization.

    Why are we unique?
    - Tight knit Community

    - Refer your friends, and reieve a small reward!
    - Plenty of worlds, for different types of Players
    - Plots, Mob Arena, Mini Games, Parkour, and more!
    - Player-Ran Economy - Build Shops and Towns!
    - Active, Friendly Staff Members
    - You can view our Dynmap @ map.shadowcraft.ca
    - Old School feel, with a very inclusive commuity

    - Content creators of all sizes are provided with a rank / shoutout 

    - View the Archive worlds from 2012 - 2016

    Server Information

    - Server IP: play.shadowcraft.ca

    - Discord: https://discord.gg/vFvyCF8gMq

    - Website: https://www.shadowcraft.ca/
    - Version: Java Edition [1.20.1]

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    I am currently in serach of a Cape mod / plugin for my Modpack. I would like it to be assigned to certain players via the plugin as a way to award Alpha / Beta testers and my Staff team. 


    There are a couple mods which offered this (Rank Capes / Dev Capes) but both appear to be dead now. 


    Does anyone know of anything that could do this for me?



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