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    Good afternoon everyone!


    My buddy and I have been working on this mod pack for the last 5 days now and are looking for some more people to help us out! We are 180 days in!


    We are simply asking that you be 18+ to play with us. No Ifs/ands/buts. If you want to get in on this action, please message me on discord! (Sofa King Great#4806) I am active daily and will respond to all messages / friend requests related to this post. Thank you!

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    Hello everyone! My buddy and I have been playing this modpack for a few days now, and are on day 174. We are looking for 3 ADULTS (18+)  to help us progress through this modpack! If you are interested in playing with us, please message me on discord (Sofa King Great#4806) and we will get you ingame as quickly as possible! 


    I more than likely will NOT be checking back at this post. I am active on discord DAILY. If you have any questions, message me there (i have a setting on that i do not receive messages from people that are not on my friends list. Shoot me a request and I will accept it as soon as I see it.) This post is being put up on 08/7/2021. 

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