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    posted a message on SevTech Ages is, by far, the worst modpack so far created and should be removed.

    Simple as that. Creators of this abomination give zero information how to even get started, you are likely to die in the first 10 blocks of spawning in, because it always starts a new game, single or multiplayer, right at dusk.  None of the controls work correctly, and there are more conflicts that cannot be corrected even you remapped every single one with unique combinations of keys.  Attempted to contact creators about supplying more basic information for new players and server owners wanting to host it, and get an automated response that they "cannot be bothered at this time, as they are already working on a new project, and they will get back to you when they feel like it. "

    Honestly, this makes Gregtech look simple and easy. At least he had the sense to add some basic wiki principles to his work. 

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