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    1.Download the pack from Curseforge, it's a .zip file , and save it somewhere in your hard drive.
    2. Open the Twitch launcher and in the Minecraft tab choose to "Create a custom profile".
    3.In the window that opened, just under the title, there's the "Import a previously exported profile" option, it's small but it's highlighted.
    4. Click that "import" and browse/select the .zip file of the modpack that you have previously downloaded (no need to configure anything else).
    5. Just wait the time for the installation.
    6. You're done!
    7.OPTIONAL. Grab a cold beer from the fridge and cheers!
    That's what I've done, it shoul'd work for every modpack feautured in the Twitch launcher, at least it worked for the PO2 and Craft of the Titans packs. The only difference that i spotted by installing the modpacks this way , is that the thumbnails in the launcher are different, just in the case you do care about it.
    Hope it helps! Cya!
    (Sorry for my bad English, it isnt my first language)
     Worked for me too! Thanks! Also "Import a previously exported profile" only the word import was clickable and I didn't see it right away.
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