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    Since the release we've had a lot of major updates and lots of new players join! We look forward to having new faces come around. 


    - Added Crates for voting rewards with some custom items

    - Added Crates for the Mob Arena with special gear for mid to low-tier players until they get to netherite

    - Added a custom mob arena with 4 playable classes (Fine tuning now)!

    - Gave the DesertScream boss an awesome bow + sword for the end game players to obtain

    - Added kits for new players to help get them started in the world

    - Completely rebuilt the spawn

    - Support for older version clients

    - Added 40 new custom mobs

    - An auto ranking system to reward players for their time on the server

    - Discord to Minecraft chatting capabilities

    - Redesigned our Website

    - And so much more!


    We have tons of content planned for the future and cant wait for everyone to join it!

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    The server will be hosting the Ender Dragon event on April 7th, 12pm Pacific Time! The dragon has not yet been killed so a community event will be run on that day. Everyone is encouraged to join and bring along friends! We'll also be having random giveaways to go along with the event. We hope to see some new faces there!

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    Welcome to the Charged Creeper SMP server! Build, conceptualize and reimagine to your hearts content with the assurance of your progresses safety and longevity. If you're annoyed with unstable & buggy worlds; If you're tired of short lived servers destroying your progress; if you're tired of servers nickel & diming you creating an unfair / broken experience, we're the server for you! What else does Charged Creeper have to offer you; log in at any time, any place from any platform and see for yourself! Here are a few things we offer the community:


    💎 QoL:  Such as Public Warps, Personal Homes, Teleporting to Friends, Chest & Inventory Sorting, Mob Heads, Live Map, Non-Premium Crates, Discord to Minecraft Chatting, etc.

    💎 Lite RPG: Mob Arenas, Dungeons w/ Custom Bosses & Loot Tables, New open-world mobs, McMMO (skilling system), etc.


    💎 Non-P2W store: Complete chat customization, portable music boxes, Join/Leave announcements, etc. NO gear is sold, nor is any playable content locked behind a paywall.


    💎 Voting Perks: Gain random rewards each day for supporting our server through the /vote command.


    💎 Economy: Completely player-owned and operated. Choose how you want to be paid / what to sell.


    💎 Cross-play: Play with your friends on any platform!


    💎 Professionalism: A staff that knows the game and can rapidly identify problems to prevent server lag, bug exploits & quickly engage hotfixes to minimalize downtime.


    💎 No Whitelisting: That's right, come play any time restriction-free!


    💎 Safety: Land claiming keeps your builds safe. We have the ability to restore corrupted inventories, rollback damage, keep daily backups and much more!


    💎 Discord: A channel with tons of extra information for the community with regular updates!

    Discord Channel
    Java IP: mc.chargedcreeper.com
    Bedrock Port: 25566
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