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    posted a message on Description & Comment Section is broken.

    About 2 days ago Curseforge started pushing changes in how the Description is made, and made it completely unusable.


    What did break?
    You can no longer Reply to comments it asks you to create new comments. For bug-support helping people that no longer works and People do not create issues automatically. They use the comment section.


    Second: The Description enforces markdown now even if you set it to the other mode its converted to markdown.

    So if you had Spoilers they are gone and no longer visible.


    And some mods are no longer being updated and others use this for documentation.

    As a example my Chunkpregen page would be 17 PDF pages big (not including comments) without spoilers.

    That is so much that it would not be ideal without spoilers.


    Eh yeah this kinda needs to be dealt with. Because that just causes a "This mod  does X if you want to know more click this link to find the actual documentation" reaction to a lot of mods that are still updating.


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    posted a message on Why so little statistics?

    Its nice that curseforge provides 60-90 days statistics now.

    But why is there so little information provided there?


    I mean yeah its nice to see 60-90 days, but writing a tool that daily checks downloads makes statistics provides a lot more info since you can see data per mod, how modpack usage is doing, how many monthly/yearly downloads to expect etc.


    Why does curseforge not tell from which pack come how many downloads? Because that would interest me?

    And since you track users who play daily with mods, why not provide a statistic for that. Well you technically do but you count that as downloads.


    There is a lot more information and a lot bigger information that could and should be provided. You have the server capacity and data itself.


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