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     will you send me a link to that pc?
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    I play minecraft and when I download a mod pack or add a mod to a vanilla profile I always look for Optifine and I don't see it anywhere I've even tried later versions of minecraft and I still don't see them. so I think that


    1. you should be able to add your own mods. (picture this you don't see the mod you want to use in your vanilla profile so what do you do? you click the button that says add mod from computer/hard-drive/whatever) (for both minecraft vanilla and modded)


    and 2. you should be able to add your own mods (as well as remove) to mod packs (ATLauncher does(I think)) now some people will think it might destroy the mod pack but if your only aloud to download client side mods (if that's possible) and the creator of the mod pack can choose what mods are not necessarily needed (I know this is possible because of ATLauncher) the player can add and remove any mods that are allowed they will be happy. (for only mod packs)


     thank you for reading this forums thread like if you like the Idea and post any thing I should add or remove from this post (I will try to give you credit).


    Ps. plz add optifine as a mod option.

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