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    posted a message on jopt-simple-4.5.jar wont let me launch any modpacks

    I was having the same problem, but instead of jopt-simple-4.6 jar it was 4.5
    I deleted the jopt-simple-4.5 file and installed the 4.6 in the 7 steps above, but when I launched the Decimation modpack, the error popped up again, and when i went into files the jopt-simple-4.5 jar file was there even though I deleted it.
    I tried again, deleting the jopt-simple-4.5 jar file and relaunching the modpack, but it happened again. Even though I have the jopt-simple-4.6 jar file, it still just puts the jopt-simple-4.5 jar file back in.

    pls help


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