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    I don't usually use the Forums here, mostly because I have no need for it. Regardless, I still check in once in a while to see if there are people to help out, or maybe scavenge around some ideas. Whatever the case, I still check in, and...


    ...it might be hyperbolic of me to say it, and it might be the frequency I check in, but I am guaranteed to find at least 1 thread here that is promoting malicious links to suspicious websites, and it seems to be in regards to supplements, weight loss, or any other means of abusing attention. Considering the small number of views they get, some people don't fall for these, or they are reporting it, but I am concerned that young users are clicking these links. In any case, it is still spam, and these linger for days on end.


    I don't understand how these seem to stay here without someone noticing the suspicious posts, but because of this, I'll have to pass on my message here. For anyone who finds these threads, please report the thread and the user when you see it. I know this works, but more people need to be aware of the Report button at the corner of each post. You can report these threads as Spam, and in time they should be removed. It may not be much, but as regular users, this is the best course of action.

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    posted a message on has the forge project been abandoned?

    Minecraft Forge is nowhere near dead. The reason that there has been months since the release of 1.13 and there's no Minecraft Forge for 1.13 is that they are rewriting it from the ground up. I am hearing rumours of Forge getting closer to a public release, but I cannot confirm this properly. Also, if you check on the Forge website's forums, there is a link at the very top that states that they are working on a release.


    As for 1.12, it seems to be slowing down on releases, as they are working on the next version, but it is certainly not gone. If you want to see how they are progressing along, you should check out Minecraft Forge's GitHub repository for updates.

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