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    we're all in this together


    Basic Information


    • IP Address: us.wip.gg

    • Version: 1.9 -> 1.16.5 (Via Version is Installed)

    • Server Location: East, North America

    Server Explanation



    The idea of the server is that we want to build a close together community were people are building together for a few reasons We want people to be able to play together and easily trade items and sell items.

    Because of this the WorldBorder is set small to keep players together however this limits resources so we have a Resource World that resets every 3 days that you can go collect any resources from however you do it at a risk because PVP is enabled within this world.



    Server Links


    1. Grief Prevention

    2. ResourceWorld

    3. OhTheDungeonsYou'llGo (Only in Resource World)

    4. EliteMobs

    5. DynamicShops

    6. PlayerChestShops

    (Alot of other little plugins for server management or QoL plugins.)


    Server Rules

    • Use common sense.

    • No use of third party software to give you an unfair advantage.

    • No use of exploits, glitches that give you an unfair advantage.

    • Don’t be stupid no racism, general toxicity, homophobia.

    • Do not share other users real life information.

    • Do not intentionally impacting the gameplay of others.

    • Listen to staff members. Their say is final.

    • Lastly if there is something in the grey area you feel you wish to do that you’re not sure is against the rules please talk to one of the staff members about it.

    [if you have any questions about the server please feel free to ask in the comments.]

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    IGN/Username: Postcard
    Age: 18+

    Location: AU

    What do you generally like to do in Minecraft: Explore more Technical side of Farms.

    What interests you in a community like this, or a whitelisted server: Being apart of a tight-knit community that I can grow with.
    How did you find out about our server, or who referred you (if applicable): Discord

    Do you agree to all of the RULES (found in our Discord server): Yes

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