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    CarverMC is an underdevelopment survival economy server that will feature chest shops McMMo and more. Currently, we are looking for developers, builders, moderators and more. Since we are early in the development stages, Ideas are highly welcomed and we will explore each suggestion made. Below is what we are expecting in a person who is contacting us about a position but special exceptions can be made.

    Position Information

    - Experience in Javascript and plug-in development
    - Skills in troubleshooting server issues
    - knowledge of Mysql or other databases
    - Understanding of Enjin fourms
    - Skills in player moderation
    - Discord experience
    - Experience with Plug-ins
    - pm me on Discord to talk about becoming a mod
    Experience in building server spawns
    Experience with chest shops
    (Paid positions available with portfolio presentation)

    If you are interested in any of these roles add me on discord (DarkOblivion_#8454) and join our servers discord at discord.gg/ZEwdk4e

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