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    posted a message on XclusiCraft [SMP] [Creative] {17+} {Whitelist} {Hard} {McMMO} {LevelledMobs} {1.15.2}{Brand New Server!}

     Now accepting applications here as well in case anybody doesn't have Discord!

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    posted a message on XclusiCraft [SMP] [Creative] {17+} {Whitelist} {Hard} {McMMO} {LevelledMobs} {1.15.2}{Brand New Server!}



    Thanks for checking us out! We’re a brand new server built for the player!

    Join us on Discord! https://discord.gg/6mV6fQr


    Who we are: XclusiCraft is a 17+ server with the intention of fostering a friendly and helpful community. I put together this server with the intention of making the game as interesting as possible while keeping an extensive replay value. This server’s survival world is set to hard and there is a plugin called LevelledMobs in place to make it even more interesting. My intention is to ensure we don’t continually out level and out power the environment we play in, so there’s always a challenge ahead of us to keep us engaged! In addition to that, I’ve brought in mcMMO to reward the player along their journey!

    My goal: I want to ensure that all players on the server are having fun and enjoying their time playing. As the server is in it’s infancy stages, I’m going to be constantly listening to suggestions from the community to regards to the direction we take the server.

    Rules: We’re here to have fun. These rules are to ensure everybody can partake in that fun.

    1. Age requirement: 17+

    2. Hacking, exploiting, x-ray and the like are strictly prohibited.

    3. No griefing other players!

    4. PVP is optional in the world. It is enabled by default, but you can flag yourself to disable PVP if you want a more peaceful experience. (Items are always protected in your grave and they can’t be stolen)

    5. Pranking is permitted as long as it's in good nature. Don't ruin somebody's experience.

    6. Mature language is allowed on this server, in moderation. No hate speech and no harassment.

    Server Information:

    • Whitelisted Server

    • Patch 1.15.2 (BEES!!)

    • Difficulty: Hard

    • Worlds: Survival and creative worlds with separate inventories. PVP arena/mini game world will be in the works soon!

    • Data Packs:

      • Double Shulker Shells

      • Wandering trades (adds additional cosmetic items to traders!)

      • Mobs drop heads

      • Players drop heads

      • Player gravestones (all items are stored in a grave when you die, the grave is only accessible by you!)

      • Better sleeping (only 1 player is required to sleep the night away)

    • Plugins:

      • AdvancedRegionMarket (trade plots coming soon)

      • CoreProtect (to find and ban griefers)

      • DiscordSRV (to allow for communication between Discord and Minecraft!)

      • Essentials (well, it’s essential)

      • LevelledMobs (this is to ensure mobs stay challenging)

      • LockettePro (ensure your goods are protected!)

      • mcMMO (level up new skills as you play the game!)

      • Multiverse-Core (this allows us to have additional worlds accessible)

      • PVPManager Lite (PvP management plugin. PVP is disabled by default and you can opt in)

      • TreeGravity (cuts trees in one chop and plants saplings. No more tree-less forests!)

      • WorldGuard (helps us protect sacred areas)

      • WorldBorder (currently set to a 30,000 by 30,000 block map. This may be removed)

    How do I apply!?

    Thanks for asking! Applications will be accepted either here or on Discord.

    If you have Discord please go ahead and join us on our Discord server below! It's where we can keep in touch on any server related matters and talk over chat or voice!



    Below is our template, you can fill it out here or jump on over to our Discord and apply there!


    • Age:

    • MineCraft username:

    • Were you referred to this server? By who?

    • What excited you about XclusiCraft?

    • Are you interested in contributing to the server with community projects or builds? Do you have any ideas you’ve been wanting to try? (No worries if not)

    Join us on Discord! https://discord.gg/6mV6fQr

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