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    Okay, so I recently installed netherending ores and I'm really liking this mod, I've got all the files in the cofhworld folder and its working, however I'm also using NetherEx, which adds a few different types of netherrack. These different blocks make it so that there isn't any blocks for the ores to replace for whole biomes, my question is how would I add another block to allow the ore to replace? Say the blockID is "netherex:fiery_netherrack"; i'm not exactly sure where i'm supposed to or how to add that to the files or what I need to do. Default file is shown below, any help would be super appreciated!

    "dependencies": "netherendingores",
    "populate": {
    "nether-coal": {
    "distribution": "uniform",
    "generator": {
    "block": {
    "name": "netherendingores:ore_nether_vanilla",
    "properties": {
    "blocks": "coal_ore"
    "material": "minecraft:netherrack",
    "cluster-size": 16
    "cluster-count": 8,
    "min-height": 10,
    "max-height": 118,
    "retrogen": "true",
    "biome": "all",
    "dimension": {
    "restriction": "whitelist",
    "value": [

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