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    Hi there,


    I'm new to the forum and not super tech savvy so I was hoping I could get some help with my problems here. I had to delete and reinstall all of my mods well as forge because I kept getting Error Code: 0 when I tried to boot up my Forge 1.16.4 profile. That solved the problem, but now my world doesn't appear when I open the game. Is there any way I can recover this world? I spent a ton of time on it and would really like to recover it. A file for the world exists in the "saves" folder in my .minecraft folder but I can't figure out how to actually get it into the game. Extremely detailed, step by step, first grade instructions would be greatly appreciated as I do not really know that much about computers/files/stuff like that. 

    Also every time I change the location that the forge installer pulls from it creates a new set of files in the folder so I have like 5 folders named mods because of this (picture attached) so if anyone could help with that as well that would be great.

    Thank you!!!

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