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    posted a message on CF Only Allowing Me to Play the MC DEMO (pls help!)

    I've recently wanted to start up a modded survival but every time I sign into the Minecraft Launcher through Curseforge, it shows my Xbox Gamertag instead of my Minecraft Java Username, and only allows me to play the DEMO version of MC. It seems to not be recognizing that I have the game purchased through my Microsoft account.


    I'm not sure if this a problem with Minecraft, Curseforge, or Microsoft, as I haven't seen anyone else having this problem. I've been in contact with Minecraft Support and the only thing they could tell me was basically "It should work fine, just sign in with your Microsoft account.", which I definitely am already. And yes, I've tried logging out and back in, I've tried updating and reinstalling the launcher, anything I could think of really.


    I've been able to use Curseforge before without this issue occurring, but I uninstalled it a few months ago to make space on my PC while I wasn't playing MC much. Hopefully the image attached can help give a better understanding of the issue I'm having (Sorry for crude edits, I just whipped it up on ms paint lol). 

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