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    Welcome to our unique Minecraft server! Get ready for some seriously wild rides with our two main game modes.

    In the Lifesteal network, it's all about that sweet, sweet survival. You'll be dodging danger, scavenging for resources, and facing off against foes. But here's the twist: every victory makes you steal a heart from your opponent, but every loss makes you loose one. Loosing all your hearts makes you BANNED for 24 hours! Be warned - your Lifesteal hearts carry over to Survival too!

    And in good old survival mode, it's all about, well, survival! You'll be gathering resources, building shelters, and braving the wild. Team up with other players, go on epic adventures, and carve out your place in this crazy world.

    So whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting out, there's always something exciting waiting for you here!

    So, what are you waiting for? Join now! The IP is play.swiftnetwork.online

    Our Discord is https://discord.com/invite/Vn2dacumfm

    Have fun!!!

    Not convinced? Have a look at our trailer! https://youtu.be/FiC9Ag6zxmE

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