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    As a user, after I've installed a modpack and create a new game and play for a while, I often stop for a few months then come back. When I go to play it again through curseforge, the modpack will usually update, but then sometimes after it does this when I go to play my game it won't load my save or says that a mod needs to be updated now. Then updating the mod will sometimes make Minecraft not load my save anymore. I just lost a save with 50+ hours and I'm broken up over it. 


    How do I stop curseforge from automatically updating the modpack I've installed? I'd prefer to just have it stay exactly the way it is so that nothing gets changed and possibly broken so that my game doesn't play or at least doesn't play the same anymore. I couldn't find an option to disable updates through the client. 


    Alternatively, is there a way to launch the installed modpack without running curseforge (triggering the update)? This is less preferable but might be an option I'll have to rely on. 


    Please let me know if there are other good options instead. 



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