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    posted a message on Website CAPTCHA is being way too aggressive!


    Starting last night I've been having to verify that I'm not a robot with obnoxious frequency.  It started right after I downloaded and tested Amplified End.  I hope this is not the fault of the mod and just a coincidence of some policy change that turned on around that time.

    I'm trying to build a new modpack for a server so I can get it launched.  Having to repeatedly verify that I'm not a robot is really slowing me down and delaying the launch of a server.

    I've followed the suggested fixes on the page, scan for viruses/malware, didn't help.  I even downloaded "Privacy Pass" as instructed by the Cloudflare CAPTCHA page.  You can see its cute little yellow ticket icon in my pinned extensions, doing absolutely nothing. It hasn't fixed the issue.

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