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     Hey! So I ran into the same problem with the modpack ATM 8 and I was able to figure out a solution that at least worked for myself as well as one of my friends that were having the same issue.


    Both myself and my buddy have AMD graphics cards and Windows kind of sucks at reliably updating those drivers so if you go to their site and install/update the drivers for the AMD graphics series that you need that worked for us as well. If you don't have an AMD graphics card then I would still try and update whatever version you need, as from what I have seen that seemed to work for others as well!


    Here I have linked the sites for the Graphics drivers for the different potential Graphics cards.\





    Here are steps as well is where you can figure out what kind of Graphics card you have

    press windows + R and type in dxdiag. Press enter
    In the window that opens click on the Render tab, or the second Display tab


    I hope this helps! Its a frustrating situation so hopefully everyone here benefits from this! Cheers!

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