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    posted a message on My *approved modpack* does not show on the curseforge app?

    I found your Modpack by searching it.
    Sometimes u need to wait for Approval of the Modpack Project itself and then u need to wait for Approval of the Files of the Modpack too.
    After that the Pack is listed in the CurseForge App.

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    posted a message on Good PC, unplayable lag

    In reply to bluzay:

     The Problem i know is that many Mods Animations are tagged with Terrain Animation so i need optifine to disable Terrain Animation only and my FPS go from 1-20 to 60-120+

    I think Optifine is the best choice u will get atm.
    Minecraft modding is still injecting thirdparty files in the game and it will never run perfect in this situation.
    Minecraft Java has still no official Modding Support.

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    posted a message on Modpack Installation Without the CurseForge Launcher

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     If u have the small zip file with the Modlist.html u cant setup the pack without CurseForge Launcher.
    Is CurseForge not supported on macOS ?

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    posted a message on Question concerning Traveler's Backpack mod

    In reply to evy273:

    I think this Forum is not the right section for your Problem.
    Post your Problem on the Github Page of the Mod - https://github.com/Tiviacz1337/Travelers-Backpack/issues
    I think here u get more help for the Mod

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    posted a message on Creating and Uploading Custom Modpack on CurseForge

    In reply to AdvancedWumbology:

     If u drag and drop mods from outside in the Modpack CurseForge will not find them in the App again.
    U need to download and install the mods by the CurseForge App to your Custom Profile.
    U need also to check for the right Forge Version because some mods need version 36.xx and some 35.xx but some mods disabled forge versioncheck so u get the problem it will not work.
    So create your custom profile and pick the Forge Version u want to use and CurseForge will download and install the mods u pick in the right version for your forge version too.
    U need also to check all Mod Pages on your own for Mod Conflicts and also the Github discussions of the mod authors too.

    Creating Modpacks is a big Project everytime.
    Some Mods linked not compatible Mods in there Description or on the Github page u find posts about problems.
    U need to fix the Conflicts on your own.
    Some Mods need a config change too to work with a other mod well.

    PS: Sorry for my bad english xD

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