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    🔗 Server Links 🔗 


    Website: https://craftersodyssey.com/
    Whitelist application: https://forms.gle/GSGXcQCQvLpBSDbX9 

    Just Launched: May 23rd 2024

    ✨  Welcome to Crafters Odyssey!  ✨ 


    Hey! I'm excited you found our little corner of the Minecraft universe 🙂


    I created this server to play Minecraft, have fun, relax, and share my creativity with others, and I hope you can share yours too!


    We are an 18+ server and aim to keep the familiar feel of Minecraft while also introducing a few unique items to enhance the gameplay experience. (If a parent or family member is bringing you in, that's fine.)


    Our server stays close to the core Minecraft experience, focusing on natural progression and the mechanics you’re used to. However, to make things exciting, we’ve added some custom features that blend with the game’s original spirit. You’ll find random teleportation scrolls that let you explore new areas effortlessly, the ability to set homes for easier travel, and a player market where you can trade items.


    We also have other custom items designed to add a bit of extra fun without straying too far from the Minecrafty feel we all love. Whether you're building, adventuring, or trading, these additions are here to enhance your experience.


    Dive in, explore, and craft your dreams anew. Welcome home, adventurer!


    ⭐ Main Features ⭐:

    These are some of our main features. You can get some more info on each feature using their corresponding command or get a quick overview in /help or /commands.


    🏆 In-Game Ranks:

    15 In-Game Ranks to progress through. Rank up by Voting for the server. View all ranks and bonuses in /ranks


    🏠 Land Claiming:

    Claiming your land is easy with the golden shovel. Earn more claim blocks from crates and ranking up. For more claim help use /kit claimbook


    🗓️ Daily Quests:

    Complete 3 random quests each day and get rewards! With over 400+ different quests, there is always something to do. Check your quests with /dq


    🪙 Odyssey Coins:

    Earn Odyssey Coins in-game through crates, daily quests, voting, and more. These coins can get you powerful items that are only achievable in-game. These coins will never be for sale in our donor shop.


    📦 Crates:

    We have 3 different crates for you to spin! The Vote Crate, Loot Crate, and Tag Crate. Earn crate keys in-game or use Odyssey coins to try your luck! Spin your keys at /warp crates


    🐲 Dragon 4 Everyone:

    An important milestone in Minecraft is slaying the Ender Dragon. Upon your visit to the End there will be a dragon waiting for you. Also, get a special chat tag for your achievement!


    🛠️ Custom Items:

    Useful and fun items to help your Minecraft adventure. Win custom items from crates or purchase them from vendors at spawn using Odyssey Coins.


    💰 Player Driven Economy:

    Buy, Sell, and Trade with other players at /warp market. At in-game rank 4, you can set up your very own shop.


    ✨ Cosmetics:

    Earn cool cosmetics as you rise in the ranks! Each rankup will give you cosmetic treasures. You can also win these from crates or purchase them from our donor shop. View your cosmetics in /cosmetics

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