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    The title pretty much states it all.

    To give some background, a friend of mine is working himself raw in order to get a modpack and server running by next weekend but has recently run into an unforeseen issue, namely that although the modpack currently only has under 30 mods it is impossible to run smoothly for computers with less than 8 GB of ram. This is an issue due to the fact that most newcomers or regulars to servers like these do not have computers that meet the steadily growing standards of the modpack.

    Currently, the only solution to this problem is to individually load the mods within the modpack and measure their toll, then completely reload the modpack with a different individual mod and repeat the process.

    In place of of this friend of mine (who is currently sleeping due to timezone differences) i am searching for a different solution to this issue. I am quite sure that there is one due to the fact that most of these mods in the modpack are picked from multiple modpacks that run extremely well on potato computers while also running multiple times the amount of mods than this modpack simultaneously.

    I will be extremely grateful for any suggestions.

    The mods that are currently installed are as follows.

    Main Mods:



    Aether II

    Thaumcraft 6

    Tinkers Construct

    Farming Mods:

    Pam's Harvest

    Cooking for blockheads


    Dynamic Trees

    Animal/Pet Mods:



    Basic Mods (menus/biomes/inventory):

    Wawla +Hwlya


    Inventory Tweaks

    Biomes o Plenty

    journey Map



    Difficulty Inducing Mods:


    Weather II

    Zombie Awareness

    Better Beginnings

    Tough As Nails


    First Aid

    Miscellaneous Mods:

    Mob Amputation/Dismemberment

    Carry On (chests that can be fitted to animals)

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