• published the article STARJam! A Stardew Valley Modding Competition

    Do you love modding games? Do you love Stardew Valley and getting away from the hustle and bustle of the office life by being on your own farm? Then you should check out the new event on the Bulletin Board!

    Starting Today, CurseForge is running a modding contest dubbed STARJam!

    This competition will be a 3 week long event where modders will compete to make the best mod for Stardew Valley! There will be three different categories for judging. The first category will be the most uniquely downloaded mod. The second category will be a Community Vote. The last category will be the CurseForge Pick, selected by a team of 5 from CurseForge. The prizes for each category will be $750 for the Winner and $250 for the runner up!

    To learn more and sign up, visit the STARJam homepage!


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