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    IP: kesciara.terracentrus.com


    Welcome to Kesciara!

    A fantasy Minecraft Java survival server with an in-depth magic system. Set on the continent of Kesciara, a continent shrouded in mysteries and legend, you begin your journey on the West Coast. How did you find yourself there? That's a part of your origin story that no matter how hard you try to remember, you just can't remember.

    So what will you do with your life?

    Will you try and find the missing pieces to your past?

    Will you be content with growing old in peace, in a log cabin by a river?

    Will you find a prospering city that you'll feel at home in?

    Will you master the magical arts and manipulate the world and those around you to your every whim?

    Or maybe you don't know yet, and that's ok. Because as you go on, you'll find your way.

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