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    OK, so I have searched for some mods but have yet to find anything that works for 1.10.2


    1) Shopkeepers (that sell items from a chest next to them) - I have had this idea of using the water strainer mod, along side rftools, to fill a chest with random items. Then the NPC could sell the items from their shop.


    2) Glowstone plants - Plants that only spawn in caves and mines, they would emit a light level 8 for a 3 block radius. When broken, they would drop a plant that can either be planted or put into the crafting table to create glowstone dust.


    3) Glowstone Dye - Haven't decided on a recipe, but the idea would be to add a glow to items that can accept dyes. Suddenly leather armor could have at least some use.


    4) Reinforced Gold Ingot (used to create stronger gold armor/tools/weapons - Combine 8 gold ingot with an iron ingot to create a first tier, then add more iron to increase the tier. Would be nice to see gold armor with a sort of etching in it.


    5) Farm Hand NPC - This would be an NPC that you 'hire' to manage your gardens (including melon and sugarcane) and animals. If there is an appropriate tool in the 'Workbench' they will perform the related task, empty bucket in the 'Workbench' they would milk cows. (They would deposit harvested foods, milk, wool, etc into a chest.


    6)Villagers that build defenses against Mob, when provided with materials. They would try to surround all nearby building within a wall, and place torches on poles.


    These are just a few of my ideas, but I would love to see some more interactive things like these.



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