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       Unfortunately I lost my old staff team server a few months ago of whom I was with for a very long time, due to financial and personal reasons among the staff team of which I was apart of. I had no intentions to find a good team again as to a certain reason. I've been through a lot of immature, non well built, poorly made, servers in the past few years and if not then everything was paid for. (Not to say every server is bad obviously) PlexusMC is not about buying things. Everythings been done by the staff, developers, builders, and it's not easy, everything takes time.


       I found PlexusMC about 2 months ago and ever since they've been great to me as well as new players. The staff team is very welcoming. They are very active. If you have questions your always free to ask without being judged and what not. Overall an amazing server, in which has been under a lot of different development and hard working staff to make it a better place for all players.


       A lot of time, and a lot of work has been put in. It's always great to meet new players. So if your looking for a layed back, chill, survival server, come join and hangout with everyone! Theres so much to do, so much to explore, and so many things you can learn and enjoy on PlexusMC!

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