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    I know how to code in C++ and Basic C better than I know Java, so figured if i was going to learn to do more with Minecraft, I need to learn some basics. Plus, there seems to be a very large group of Mod makers for Java Edition.


    Unfortunately, most of the online (You-tube) tutorials are kinda old, and a lot has changed in Bedrock Edition quite quickly.

    With Bedrock Edition 1.14 coming out soon, I feel like that will be a good time to get started learning alongside others.


    So, hope to hear from other both on tips to get started, and on projects they are working on.

    Would also be nice if someone could find or make some new tutorials that cover the different tags blocks and nobs can have.

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    The idea for this mod suggestion is kinda simple, but kinda complicated.


    As we all know; Iron, Coal/Charcoal, Gold, and Quartz run the mid to late game technology of redstone. Obtaining these can be a challenge though, as many projects require a lot of these to pull off. So, the Furnace, Smoker, and Blast Furnace need some help in being more efficient.


    Minecraft focuses a lot on Medieval European technology, so pulling many things from there to start.


    CRUSHER: A special machine to break up Cobblestone and Ores. Cobblestone becomes Gravel,  gold or iron ores become powder, but creates two items for every one processed. Powder smells into ingots, so this doubles your mining efforts.


    BELLOWS: Furnaces or all types go through a lot of fuel, but the idea behind the bellows is that when connected to the side of a furnace, it doubles the number of items a fuel source can smelt.


    MILL: Primarily used for processing food items, the mill can also process Quartz Ore and Quartz Blocks. Watermill, Handmill, and Windmill varieties have different processing speeds and output results.


    SIFTER: Sand and gravel can hide useful things, and the sifter has a chance of converting these blocks into iron powder, gold powder, quartz dust, flint, or redstone dust. Since the output can be kind random, including a chance for the gravel or sand to come out unchanged, it's not a fully reliable way to get items.


    PULVERIZER: Converts cobblestone into sand.


    So, that's five machines that could help, plus the mill opens up options with food. Not completely sure about how they would be crafted, or if all of these are possible on some form of bedrock edition addon.


    Have seen similar things done as Java Mods, but not sure how different the code restrictions are for Bedrock.

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