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     Dang... That is crazy, especially since the mod isn't even supposed to go anywhere near changing code or effecting code relating to that...

    Seriously, thank you so much because this glitch was pissing me off for the past day lol...
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    I have a modpack in 1.12.2 consisting of 96 mods, recently in survival mode I have started taking random damage ranging from 1HP to 5HP for no reason at all while sprint jumping... I am not falling from heights larger than 3 blocks so this is a very strange occurrence, and even with the game output open nothing appears in the log (like an error or debug message) at the moment when the random "damage ticks" occur...

    (Video Demonstration):


    Nothing appears in the logs folder and nothing appears in any crash logs either.


    My mods list is in the paste below, the mods are also manually labeled as either "LIB" mods (Library mods) or as "BETA" mods by their file name:


    On one older world the game even crashed once the player died in any/all methods of dying in any gamemode except for dying by /kill...

    Now the crash isn't happening anymore in the recent worlds I have been, so does anyone know why this strange glitch occurs?

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