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    posted a message on CurseForge fan discord server

    I created a CurseForge discord fan server. Here you can discuss about anything, get help etc. 

    If you have any suggestions write them in the comments of this post!

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    posted a message on No upload button on modpacks

    They added this feature in today's update.

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    posted a message on Exporting Modpack Issue


    I'm the creator of MageTech - Reborn modpack, but i've ran into an issue.

    It doesn't detect installed mods in the "Installed Mods" category. This is a huge problem, because If I want to update the pack, I can't, because it puts the mods folder into override and not manifest.json. Even if I download the mods from CurseForge App it is visible in fact in the "Installed Mods" category but only for a minute or so. Then it dissapears. Please fix it, I need to update my Modpack.

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