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    posted a message on having an issue with a resetting chunk in the regrowth modpack

    i recently noticed this issue in the pack where there is 1 chunk in my base that keeps resetting every time i log in and out of the save file. I'm not sure what's causing it but if i had to guess i have around 60 farming zones that are 9 by 9 each and all of them are the best kind of seed meaning the yield is 4 from each crop, and they are harvested and planted by 2 thaumcraft golems, up until recently i let the deposit chest fill up and then letting the extras on the ground and having 60 farms means i have loads of entities on the ground. i did make a change and set it to pipe into a void barrel but the chunk issue remains. i noticed it started happening after i crafted 6 mana pools and some of them suddenly disappeared along with a cross breeding i was having in the area and even though i did manage to update the chunk by re crafting the pools and relogging in quick succession it still resets other things. i can take items from a chest in that area craft something and place it in the chunk and when i log back in the items were refunded and placed back in the chest and the blocks were gone. i moved my cross breed out of that chunk and they stayed out but after i re logged the crops were in the original position meaning i effectively duplicated them. i also have a small Redstone line that also bugs out and to fix it i just break and place it again

    TL;DR: i have a chunk that keeps resetting after i open the save file every time. it doesn't reset the whole chunk to a fresh one it just has it saved in a specific moment in time and keeps reverting to it like a save state or something. i never encountered such an issue before

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