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    Can you guys too dont install 1.16.2 now? Or i doing something wrong...?

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    Hello guys,

    i created a Minecraft Modpack, in it works Singleplayer perfectly.


    But if i try to make a server pack (config+mods) the server crash at startup. I dont have any idea why it is crashing and tried to figure it out with the logs. But i still dont get it.


    I tried to remove clientsided mods, i didnt help, so i readded them. I tried add up to 8GB of Ram (Singleplayer works perfect at 50% with 8), still dont work.


    I uploaded the crash-log here.



    If you like to test the serverpack by yourself, try it out.

    (Still uploading, i will provide ready link when uploaded.


    To build the serverpack by yourself you can download Modpack here and used forge version here (Forge

    Maybe you guys can help me?



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