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    Hello, I am not sure where I was able to find people to play this mod pack with, but I was assuming on here would be a good start. I want to have a nice, friendly community who would play this mod pack together. I am looking for about 20 people to be on this server. 



     - No Griefing

     - Have Fun

     - Use Common Sense

     - Be Respecful


    There are no banned items as of now


    As this is a whitelisted server you will have to fill out an application. You can either post it on here or e-mail me - thecantstopme@gmail.com. Or you could private message me on here if that is easier. You could also do all three if you really want me to see it quick. I will be regularly checking both this forum and my email for applicants. Must have the ability to use discord and communicate on there. Will give out server IP and Discord when accepted








    Favorite Mod:

    Why should you be accepted?: 


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