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    Hey guys, big Minecraft fan but haven't played in ages  due to... well other games, life, work, etc. :p

    hus been a while aswell that I fiddled with all the mod stuff.  Was kinda waiting for the new update of RTG (Realistic Terrain Generation) but its progress has been super slow and only targetted for 1.12 and there's already so many updates to the basegame aswell that its time to look at the new or one of the newer versions of Minecraft thats well supported with mods too ofcourse.


    Want to start up a proper game again with some mods with the "right" version which has some of the popular mods; Tinkers, Storage drawers, chests, chisels, that sortof stuff.


    And now there's this Twitch launcher where you can select/create your own modpacks. And the modloader that you select is the same as before but now it just works in the "background"?


    TL:DR; Main question(s): How does that work exactly?  Are all mods that are normally on Curseforge available there aswell?

    Are there any advantages or disadvantages for using it compared to the 'standard' way? Or is it just convenience?



    ps. bonus question; how come 1.16 can't have a modloader selected? Was thinking a main version would have more supported/up to date mods to make a good 'modpack'.

    ps2. typed it quickly before work, hope everything is understandable. :)

     ps3. 1 post again? Did everything get reset again with the Cursestuff? ;p

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