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    posted a message on Need Modpack Testers For Adventure, Map Based, Quest line. "A Path of a Druid Modpack"

    This Modpack starts you in a world where you have no choice but to survive and hide from the elements from the beginning. Travel through many dimensions as you try to find the source of the evil destroying your world but fear not you have been trained by High Druids on the art of Druidism. Using many magical and physical skills like Monk, Astral Sorcery, Roots and many Mystical powers you have been trained in. You have the powers to defeat this evil but do you have the Will. Well let's find out. The Challenge really starts when you need to unlock powers as a druid. Over 100 Quests and 6 dimensions to adventure in, this won't be a easy path but does the walker choose the path, or the path the walker? The Minecraft Gods will make this hard for you but you must push on. This Pack adds many other Druidism mods to help you in adventure and bring balance to you and nature.

    You might need to travel to the overworld to advance in your Druid studies but it wont be easy as things are a little different now as Evil has been eating at it. It's all up to you to you to change that. Good Luck and may the Minecraft Gods help you.



    Please report any bugs or quest line mistakes here or on modpack page


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