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    So I'm looking for some item and block adding mods that will not require me to renter the overworld after leaving it. or at least only reentering it for a short period of time.


    For example, a mod might add things that I can grow in the Aether so I can do the whole mod up there. Or it might add something that only requires basic materials like cobblestone and wood. Or it will make blocks that I only need to make once, so I can just bring it with me.


    I don't care what type of mod it is, magic or tech, I just want my friends and I to spend 90% of our time in the aether after we leave.


    here is a list of mods I have so far.


    the jei mods

    aether of course

    to many gravestones



    scaling health

    better fps

    wawla and a few mods connected to it

    adventure bags

    Simple Cobblestone Generator, so I can get cobblestone in the aether for any mod I find

    Bonsai Trees, so I can get wood in the aether for any mod I find, I think you can't grow normal trees in the aether but I might be wrong.

    Carry On, so I can bring animals I might need for any mod I find, that is if they can move through portals, but if not I'll find another mod that does.



    So that's it, if there are any mod suggestions you have that would be great. The more mods the better.


    there is only one thing, I don't want the mod to pull away from the Aether, so large tech mods that require a lot of resources and crafting, even if I have access to the material, I would rather not have, or if I do It will only be one. The main focus in my pack is the Aether.


    That being said, if you believe there is a time-consuming mod that is worth it, then tell me. I'll look into it a decide if I want to add it.



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    I am using the mod pack called Roguelike Adventures and Dungeons, and my computer isn't really the best.


    To give you an idea vanilla Minecraft runs at around 15-20 fps.


    Now this modpack has the betterFPS which makes my fps around the same as vanilla, most of the time, there are still random freezes and lag spikes but I can live which those.


    however, whenever I log in or enter a different dimension like the Nether it takes around ten minutes to even load the world, and after that, it can take another five for my fps to go from 0 to my normal 15, that it if it doesn't crash. This isn't even to mention starting Minecraft that, from the twitch launcher to the title screen, can take up to 15 minutes as it enters this screen where it seems like the mods are downloading, even though I've did that last time I launched the game, in the corner is a hammer hitting an anvil. It does this every time I start the game, I can understand doing it once but every time is a bit ridiculous.


    Now I'm fine with the low FPS, in fact, I might be able to increase it by messing with the betterFPS settings, it might even get rid of the lag spikes and freezing. But I just what to be able to play the game without waiting half an hour. 


    FYI I put everything in my video options on the lowest settings, so if some settings will help me on high then please tell me.


    I don't know if this has anything to do with it but sometimes when I launch the twitch app a popup says it might be corrupted, this might stop the reinstalling the mods every time, but I can still play and I'm afraid that reinstalling the twitch app will delete my save. Will it?


    So does anyone have any suggestions on how to do this? Even only getting to the title screen faster will be enough so I can mess with the settings easier, as betterFSP requires your to restart every time to change something.


     Also, I have 4gb of ram, 3.44 useable, however, I've been meaning to upgrade in a couple months but if that will fit it I can do it sooner.



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