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    posted a message on LeaveSMP here for the long run! [1.17.1] [Vanilla+] [Whitelist] [16+]

    LeaveSMP logo by Ender

    Hey I'm Ender and after years of smp making I bring everyone LeaveSMP with co-owner, my friend LYD.

    It's a Vanilla+ server with some server-side mods and datapacks.

    These features are here to spice up some vanilla features and fix some bugs too. But it is 98% vanilla.

    We want to create a long term smp for everyone to enjoy and have our little community around it.

    So to do that there is an application for the server. Yes I know, who would want to do a google form!? But it's needed so we don't have to deal with people that only want to troll.

    It says 16+ but we don't have anything against people younger than that. It's just a maturity check. Though 13+ do to the fact we have a discord server.

    So here finally the discord server. This is where you can meet the other members of the smp. And of course apply.

    Here is the invite link : https://discord.gg/YEnN9t3Z7s

    Now to apply you need to first verify yourself then go to the #how-to-apply section to find the rest of the steps.

    All that remains is we look at your application and accept you!

    The server is not up just yet but it will be very, very soon. Possibly like 28 - 30 August. There are some problems with slow world pre-generation. So the start date is not known yet.

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    posted a message on Resource Pack not listed any where.

    Ight it just appeared soo its fine but if some can tell me what happened behind the scenes that would be cool.

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    posted a message on Resource Pack not listed any where.

    I made a resource pack and I marked it for the point program thingy. And now its not even on my  profiles as an unlisted pack. So I'm wondering should I make a new pack or should I just wait until something happens ?  


    Edit: sorry I cant spell

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